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SafetyNow Support World Day for Safety & Health at Work

The 28th April marks the International Labour Organization (ILO) World Day for Safety & Health at Work, which this year focuses on ‘Workplace Stress’.

As a company dedicated to both training individuals to manage health and safety within their organisations, and providing consultancy to help businesses maintain standards and meet their legal obligations, we are in full support of this special day.

The aim of the campaign is to draw attention to current global trends on work-related stress, its impact and how to manage and reduce the cause of stress.

The ILO has produced a document that looks at the impact and causes of work-related stress and the strategies for the prevention and management of psychosocial hazards and risks. This can be found here.

SafetyNow’s Moira Gelman commented: “ILO’s forward thinking strategy to combat work related stress is commendable, especially as psychological hazards at work are shied away from. The ILO’s World Health and Safety day is perfect timing to raise the awareness of this little acknowledged, but major health problem.”