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Legislation Updates: Need to Know

We bring you the latest health and safety legislative updates that you need to be aware of to ensure you are legally compliant.

Act: Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (General Duties of Self Employees Persons) (Prescribed Undertakings) Regulations 2015

  • In Force: 1 October 2015
  • Need to Know: Changes to law to exempt self-employed people whose work activity poses no potential risk to other workers or the public.
  • Applies: GB
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Act: Offshore Installations (Offshore safety Directive) (Safety Case) Regulations 2015

  • In Force: 19 July 2015
  • Need to Know: Applies to offshore oil and gas operators, incorporating additional requirements of Directive 2013/30/EU.
  • Applies: GB / External Waters
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Act: Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations (COMAH) 2015

  • In Force: June 2015
  • Need to Know: Main duties unchanged from 1999 regs. Lower tier operators must provide public information about their sites for the first time; both upper and lower tier operators must provide public information electronically.
  • Applies: GB
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