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A few little prosecutions

The Health and Safety Executive prosecutes for various offences from lack of risk assessments to fatalities. Here are a few recent ones.

Name of CompanyFines issuedCosts awardedReasons
DS Smith Paper£400,000£34,761Employee died when he became trapped in an unguarded conveyor belt.
Coilcolour£75,000£28,393Failure to manage the risks from Legionella bacteria from cooling towers.
Grangemouth Oil Refinery£24,000 Worker sprayed in face by leaking low pressure steam valve.
Macdet Hygiene Services£12,000£3,687Lone worker fell off a roof. No risk assessments.
David Watson Transport£150,000£88,030Worker fell off an unsecured ladder and died. “Cut and paste” risk assessments not suitable.
Coopers Services Ltd£75,000£25,000Worker died when a trench fell on him. Failure to plan and manage the job properly.
Aberdeen City Council£9,000 Child unconscious at bottom of swimming pool.
Total UK Ltd£1.4m£34,084.05Worker dies in refinery fire. Lack of suitable risk assessments.

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