Grenfell Horror

Published on: 20th Jul 2017

In this day and age how was this possible?

It doesn't matter who was responsible, it won't bring back

1. The dead

2. Relieve the suffering from the injured

3. Remove the psychological stress from the survivors and witnesses.


Will there be prosecutions under the

a) Health and Safery at Work Act 1974 ?

b) RRFSO ( Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005)?

c) Corporate Mansalughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007?


Some more thoughts too.

a) The building was constructed in 1972. How many asbesotos fibres were released into the air?

b) How much environmental contamination was prouced by smoke into the atmosphere.

c) What contamination was caused by the run off from the fire brigades water.

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